Just got back from Australia and New Zealand, for Armageddon Expo. More later, but in the meantime here’s the obligatory kangaroo pic:


It’s been nearly a year since my last update. I guess regularity isn’t my strong suit. Perhaps I’ll work at updating more since there’s a lot going on. Just got back from Paris!

An found this while we were getting our nails done. Putting it here for reference/remembrance!

Kanzashi fabric folder flower


Crochet tree tote

crochet tree tote

I’ve come to accept that I’m not very good at doing the regular posting thing, but I’ll keep at it and hopefully get better.

Although I’ve been an adult in age for quite a while, I just came to the realization that I’ve reached an adult milestone: Longing for large ticket items that isn’t a handbag or HDTV. Buying a home has opened a new world to me…a world of fancy expensive washing machines and kitchen upgrades. This week I “spent” $4000 in under 30 minutes when I chose a refrigerator, washer, and dryer for my new place. Ooh la la!

French door refrigerator!

French door refrigerator!

This post brings to mind my two aunts (sisters), who are the cake mavens of our family. Maybe my mom will show them this post.

Mod-decorated cakes with laaaarge tiers

Since Brian is on the way to the land of Nina & Josh, we had to brave the icky wet weather to pick up some things for his trip. It was so worth getting cold at wet, because while at my favorite store evar (Target), we found this little toy on the clearance rack! Both Brian’s mom & one of our friends have one, and like it, so I was excited at the prospect of getting one of my own now that the season of gardening is coming up.

I gave up my Peggle seat to put together and admire my new toy.

Aerogarden, Nina, & Peggle!

Aerogarden, Nina, & Peggle!

If Josh were a Mogwai, he’d be saying, “Bright light!”. The light stays on for 17 hours per day, so I’ll have to wake up early one morning to have it start the cycle at 7 a.m. This way the Aerogarden will remain dark during sleepytime.

I should name it Wall-E

I should name it Wall-E

The seeds packed with the Aerogarden was the “English cottage” series, and contained petunia, phlox, and something they call “stock”. The seed pods are also labelled with the height of the plant…”stock” is tall, and I’m just assuming that it’s a mixed tossup as far as what will actually grow.

I’m really looking forward to watching this sucker grow pretty flowers right in the house without any mess of dirt. It’s actually a hydroponic system with a fishtank-like aerator under the cover. Although I had the option to purchase the larger Aerogarden, which grows 6 pods at a time instead of 3, I liked the look of the Aerogarden 3 and thought it looked nice enough to sit in the living room and share its blooms.

Last weekend was fantastic weather in the 80’s, so warm that the trees decided it was time to start blooming. Going into this weekend is forecasted five days straight of rain and 40 degree weather. Not to mention the snow two weeks ago. Crazy Carolina weather! At least I got a few nice spring pics before the weather decided to go yucky again.